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Rattan or Cane Open Mesh

Rattan Open Mesh

Novelty Cane Art Since 1982 Introduce  Rattan+ Open Mesh

Roll Sizes in Square Feet

  • 16 inchesX50 ft= 66.66 Sqft
  • 18 inchesX50 ft=75 Sqft
  • 20 inchesX50 ft=83.33 Sqft
  • 22 inches X50 ft=91.66 Sqft
  • 24 inches X50 ft=100 Sqft
  • 30 inches X50 ft=125 Sqft  
  • 36 inches X50 ft=150 Sqft
  • 39.5 inchesX50 ft=164.5 Sqft

  (Cut Piece available)

          It has made from natural rattan or cane, this open mesh design offers a unique and stylish look for any outdoor or indoor space.

             The natural materials used in its construction provide a durable and sustainable option for those looking for eco-friendly furniture. The open mesh design also allows for better airflow, making it perfect for comfortable seating options.

             Whether used as a chair, table, or other furniture pieces, the Rattan or Cane Open mesh is a timeless choice for adding a touch of natural elegance to any living space.

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